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In the fall of 2014, TAS began a comprehensive study on our aging facility to determine the maintenance needs of our school facility.

TahquamenonSchool-TahquamenonSchool-0012 (1)

We held two brainstorm sessions and surveyed the community twice over the next months to determine the communities willingness to support a bond and to identify our structural needs.

It became obvious that our facility needs brought out the potential need for a bond proposition- slated for a possible November 2015 ballot.

This summer, the TAS Board of Education voted unanimously to ask voters to consider the bond.

To develop a clear understanding and maintain ultimate transparency in the plans, this online resource has been developed as a guide to documents, and drawings.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss any detail further. We want our community to feel confident with plans for future development of TAS.


Feb 2015 Board Presentation on Facility Utlization

Bldg. Utilization Report

Facility Analysis

Project Scoping Options

Square Footage for Facility Review

Bond FAQ

Arial View of Bond Project

Bond Application to Treasury

Bond Brochure


Use this weblink to deterine your tax rate