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*View the newly updated (May 2015) Teacher Certification pamphlet created by OAISD and MAISD. A valuable resource summarizing credit, DPPD, SCECHs, certificate renewals, and advancements! 

Teacher Certification Pamphlet

DPPD Reinterpretation - May 14, 2015

The Office of Professional Preparation is pleased to announce that the group of educators that may use District Provided Professional Preparation development (DPPD) to renew and advance certain certificate types has expanded. Please review this PDF document for more information.

Revised Rules - As of June 2014!

On May 18, 2012, revisions to the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) Teacher Certification Code were signed and made effective (with some sections effective September 1, 2013). As a result of rule changes, unforeseen restrictions on educators and the inability to renew a Provisional certificate or progress to the Professional Educator Certificate occurred. While MDE is currently working to revise these rules, the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA) requested a waiver on behalf of the 56 Intermediate School Districts to waive two aspects of the current rules, effective immediately. This waiver request has been granted by the State Superintendent, Mike Flanagan.

"Master's Degree Earned at Any Time"

Previous rules contained language that allowed the use of an approved master's degree, earned at any time, to be used for purpose of renewal of a Provisional certificate or progression to the Professional Education certificate. The current rule revision effective September 1, 2013 placed time limitations on earned master's degrees which eliminated the master's degree or higher as an option to renew or progress a teacher's certification. This approved waiver allows teachers to use an approved master's degree "earned at any time" to renew a Provisional certificate or progress to the Professional Education certificate regardless of when it was earned, to meet their professional learning requirement.

Professional Learning Hours (180) vs. DPPD (150)

In addition, the Teacher Certification Code from May 18, 2012 set forth two different professional learning amounts depending on which professional learning option was being utilized. This approved waiver allows applicants to renew their Michigan Provisional certificate or progress to the Professional Education certificate by obtaining 150 professional learning hours regardless of the option used. Note: District Provided Professional Development (DPPD) cannot be used for Provisional certificate RENEWAL.

DPPD Clarification

Recent clarification of MCL 380.1527 and Teacher Certification Code also enabled MDE to remove the limitation restricting the use of DPPD to a maximum of 30 hours per school year. MDE will no longer have a cap of 30 hours per school year for DPPD. Teachers will need a total of 150 hours over the 5 year period as prescribed in rule for progression to the Professional Education certificate or Professional Education certificate renewal.

Applicants who are impacted by this waiver and/or clarification and have previously been denied certificate renewal or progression to the Professional Education certificate may reapply using the Michigan Online Educator Certification System ( if they now meet the professional learning requirements, as well as the other requirements specified in rule.

*Content from Kent ISD