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Stuart McTiver
Bruce Klusmeyer
Lawrence Vincent
Vice President
Michelle Zellar


Alicia Heim
Kristine McCraren
Jeffrey Puckett

A strong educational foundation for the students of Tahquamenon Area Schools is the core of the District’s mission. The District goal to increase student achievement while maintaining a balanced budget is challenging. The Board of Education members voluntarily serve the community in which they live by providing strategic leadership for the school district. The Board of Education is primarily responsible for the overall vision and direction of the district in fulfilling it’s mission of increasing student achievement and preparing all students for success after graduation. The Board of Education voluntarily gives of their time to help facilitate communication between the community and school officials.

The Board of Education as elected public officials create, review, and approve all district policies to fulfill the District’s mission of increasing student achievement. The Board’s goal is to ensure that students are provided with an excellent education in a safe environment. The superintendent in collaboration with the Board of Education is responsible for administering the District policies established by the Board of Education. The Board of Education approves and adopts the District budget, staffing recommendations, and all financial and legal transactions.

The Board of Education has three primary roles that include strategic planning, setting district policy, and hiring the superintendent.

Board roles and responsibilities also include:

  • Curriculum adoption and approval
  • Submitting District bond issues for voter approval
  • Negotiating employee contracts
  • Hiring and evaluating the superintendent
  • Establishing District goals
  • Maintaining District property

The Tahquamenon Area Schools Board members receive an annual stipend to attend to meetings and oversee the District but for many years have voted to forego the stipends to save the District money. All policies established by the Board of Education must align with federal statutes and state law, including the Revised School Code.

As elected public officials, the Board of Education is active in school events and visible throughout the community. Often the Board of Education is a conduit for communication between the public and school staff. The Board of Education acts as a group only in public meetings as each individual board member has no legal authority to act on behalf of the District.