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Regular Board of Education meetings are held on the third Monday of each month . These meetings are open to the public and are held in the Tahquamenon Area Public Library. On some occasions, the Board may go into closed session pursuant to the Open Meetings Act guidelines. . Regular Board meetings allow the Board to take action on various proposals and recommendations and conduct business of the Board of Education.

Residents are encouraged to attend the meetings.  Meeting minutes and agendas are posted on the District website.  If a community member wishes to address the Board at one of the regular meetings, the community member is asked to contact the Business Office prior to  the meeting and provide the agenda item or topic they wish to address. Agenda item will be included at the superintendent's discretion. Community members must refrain from making personal attacks or derogatory remarks.


Listening to the Community

The Board of Education consists of elected public officials who volunteer their time to be responsive to the community and actively seek input and feedback in an effort to better serve the school district. As residents of the community, everyone has a stake in ensuring the success of the school for the goal of increasing student achievement.

Community members may express their concerns and opinions to Board members formally at meetings or by email. When warranted, the Board can create an advisory committee to develop recommendations for the District strategic process. If you would like to serve the District or offer input, please call the superintendent's office at 906-293-3226 Ext. 1101