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Online Registration Information

Tahquamenon Area Schools provides parents with online registration.  The purpose of online registration is to streamline the annual registration process.  This not only provides parents with more information in one setting, but also will provide more accurate information in our student system.  The district has eliminated the need for the stack of paper forms for each student.

Information entered by the parent will go directly into PowerSchool.  Information will need to be provided for each student.  The form saves as you enter in information.  You do not need to complete the form in one session, it will save your information for later.

Here are the items on the online registration through PowerSchool Parent Portal:

Student Information:

Student primary home phone, physical address and mailing address

Parent/Guardian Information:

Student living arrangement with parents/guardians
Mother Information:  name, address, cell number, employer, contact information
Father Information:  name, address, cell number, employer, contact information
Additional guardian (step-parent) if needed:  name, contact info

Emergency Contact INFORMATION:

Enter up to three emergency contacts:  name, contact number, relationship to student

Medical Information:

Health issues, medication

School CAlendar and School Hours:

2018-19 school calendar

Swiftreach - text/phone/email notifications:

SwiftReach is available via the PowerSchool Parent Portal Parents can view SchoolMessenger sent messages and set contact preferences for SwiftReach in the PowerSchool Parent Portal. This feature appears in the Parent Portal. To access this information you will need to log into your PowerSchool Parent Portal account.
Not receiving text messages? Log into the PowerSchool Portal to check your phone numbers and  notification selelections.  You can edit these from the SwiftReach menu.


School communicable disease rules are the minimum standard for preventing disease outbreaks in school settings. Please review the following information to determine if your student is up to date on the required vaccinations.

Required Childhood Immunizations for Michigan School Settings

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services vaccine information


During online registration, parents are able to enter any changes needed in bussing since the previous school year.  

Tahquamenon Area Schools provides bus transportation to students who live outside the village limits. For detailed information regarding

  1. Staff & Route Information
  2. Student Transportation Request
  3. Bus Rules and Expectations
  4. Safe Walking Tips

please visit our website


Tahquamenon Area Schools uses eFunds for online payments.  All parents are encouraged to create an Efunds account to monitor lunch transactions.  Efunds will be used for lunch, student fees and sports passes. While will continue to work, it will only have online payments for lunch available.


Community Eligibility Provision for Hot Lunch
All students now receive free breakfast and lunch. Lunch applications are no longer necessary. However, some state and federal funding is based on eligibility. By completing the following questions, our school will continue to benefit from various state and federal supplemental programs.



# in
Weekly Income Bi-Weekly Monthly Income Annual Income
1 $432 $864 $1,872 $22,459
2 $586 $1,172 $2,538 $30,451
3 $740 $1,479 $3,204 $38,443
4 $893 $1,786 $3,870 $46,435
5 $1,047 $2,094 $4,536 $54,427
6 $1,201 $2,401 $5,202 $62,419
7 $1,354 $2,708 $5,868 $70,411
8 $1,508 $3,015 $6,534 $78,403

For hot lunch information please visit our school website at


Federal Impact aid:

Tahquamenon Area Schools may qualify for additional federal funding based on the number of federally connected school children.  To qualify one of the following must apply to your student.

Child resides on eligible Indian lands
Child has a parent on active duty in the uniformed services of the United States
Child resides in eligible low-rent housing
Child resides with a parent employed on federal property

Native American Student Eligibility:

In order to apply for a formula grand under the Indian Education Program, Tahquamenon Area Schools must determin the number of Indian children enrolled. Any child who meets the follwoing definition may be counted for this purpose. Indian means any individual who is (1) a member (as defined by the Indian tribe or band) of an Indian tribe or band, including those Indian tribe or bands terminated since 1940, and those recognized by the State in which the tribe or and reside; or (2) a descendent in the first or second degree (parent or grandparent) as described in (1); or (3) considered by the Secretary of the Interior to be an Indian for any purpose; or (4) an Eskimo or Aleut or other Alaska Native; or (5) a member of an organized Indian group that received a grant under the Indian Educaiton Act of 1988 as it was in effect October 19, 1994.

If your student, student's parent, or student's grandparent is a member of a Native American tribe, band or group, the district asks you to complete the information required - which includes the name of the tribe member, relationship to student, and name of tribe.

Residency (Homeless):

If your student is experiencing a temporary living arrangement, your student may be eligible for additional educational services through McKinney-Vento Assistance Act. To determine your child's eligibility, you will need to Complete this survey.

Volunteering at Tahquamenon Area Schools:

For your protection and the safety of our children, it is necessary for you to provide information for a background check prior to volunteering.

The Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT) allows the search of public criminal history record information maintained by the Michigan State Police, Criminal Justice Information Center. All felonies and serious misdemeanors that are punishable by over 93 days are required to be reported to the state repository by law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and courts in all 83 Michigan counties.

Your personal information below will be used for a background check for school purposes only and will be held in a secure place for the duration of the school year. It will be necessary to provide this information each year you plan to volunteer in this school district. Please print and complete the form if you wish to volunteer.

You may request a form from the Superintendent's Office or download from our website. Please return completed forms to the Superintendent's Office.
Download Volunteer Form

Agreements and selections:

Fluoride Rinse Agreement - Elementary Only Full information at Fluoride Rinse Program
Field Trip Agreement - Elementary Only Full information at Field Trip Agreement
Technology Acceptable Use Policy Agreement - ALL GRADES Full information at Technology Accpetable Use Agreement
Google Apps for Education Permission - ALL GRADES Tahquamenon Area Schools manages staff and student accounts in the domain. For more information regarding Google for Education, please visit

Tahquamenon Area Public Library
Grades K-12: Students at Tahquamenon Area Schools have the opportunity to use the Public Library's services. Parents are required to agree to the TA Public Library agreement in the Agreement section for their student to have access. Additional information is also available to parents on the Information link. By submitting the agreement for a Tahquamenon Area Public Library account, you are acknowledging the following regarding your child's library account:

  1. Elementary Students are allowed to check out a total of 4 items, unless with a parent
  2. Elementary Students do not accrue late fees.
  3. Elementary Students are responsible for the cost of lost/damaged items.
  4. Middle/High School Students are allowed to check out a total of 10 items.
  5. Middle/High School Students accrue late fees of 10 cents/day for books and $1/day for movies.
  6. Middle/High School Students are responsible for the cost of lost/damaged items.
  7. Fines must be paid before checking out additional material.
  8. Items may be renewed by bringing them to the circulation desk.
  9. All students can access their account with their lunch numbers.
  10. Picture verification is used with student library accounts to prevent fraud.
  11. During school hours, content of items is monitored by teachers/library staff
  12. After school hours, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to monitor content.
  13. All library fines must be resolved prior to receiving cap/gown for graduation.

Acknowledgement of Concussion Information - ALL GRADES Full information at Concussion Information

Acknowledgement of Title IX Grievance Procedure - ALL GRADES Tahquamenon Area Schools has adopted a Grievance Procedure for addressing complaints for the discrimination under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and its implementing regulations which prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, including but not limited to sexual harrassment, in any educaiton program or activity receiving federal finanancal assistances. Access full policy 2260 - NONDISCRIMINATION AND ACCESS TO EQUAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY.

Acknowledgement of Student/Parent Handbook - ALL GRADES
Download TAS Student/Parent Handbook

Acknowledgement of Attendance Policy - ALL GRADES
A student who is absent 10 or more days per semester is considered truant and may be reported to the juvenille court system.  It is the student and parents responsibility to attend school.   Poor attendance has a negative impact on a students education.

Request to Keep Information Private - ALL GRADES

  • Your chids name and photo will be excluded from such items as honor roll lists, athletic rosters and programs, music and fine arts programs, honors and commencement programs, school newsletters, school/district publications, district website, news releases to media, etc. Name and photo will be included in the school yearbook unless you also check the second item.
  • Do NOT release my child's name and photo for the school yearbook.
  • Do NOT release my child's image or name on social media (Twitter, Facebook, or other)
  • Do NOT release my child's address and telephone number
  • Do Not release my High School child's information to military recruiters.

Agreement to share information with school personnel - permission for information provided here to be shared with school personnel who are directly responsible for my child.