On Tuesday, November 2, 2021, the District has decided to bring a bond proposal for a vote to the Tahquamenon Area Schools community; yours and my community.

The District has brought proposals to the community in the past and has not had success. Therefore, we have worked diligently to reduce the request to $9,750,000. To lower the tax impact on all of us, the following items have been removed from this proposal:  buses, educational technology, and kitchen equipment.

Schools are the center of OUR community, and we desperately need your help.  We have lowered the ask to the lowest amount to make our schools sufficient for our future and our greatest asset; our students.  We need to do this together.

Our buildings continue to deteriorate to the point that they are beginning to become a place that inhibits student learning. Building improvements and upgrades to enhance student learning are a critical part of this bond proposal.

This bond request is the lowest possible tax increase 1.90 mills that the district can go for to get improvements that are desperately needed.  Our school debt is currently zero.  Across the State of Michigan, the average debt for local schools is around 4.5 mills.  If approved, our total debt would be 1.90 mills.

Our school is the center and provides a facility for many local events. This includes upgrades to our public library which is for all.  We would be reducing unused space to save costs.  We would be upgrading security for all.  We would be putting roofs on the building to protect all facets.  We are not asking for anything that could remotely be considered extravagant.  We are asking for basic needs that are truly, truly needed for us to maintain a school for our communities.

It is time for it to be updated to meet the needs of the community and of the students that are in it. It is time to show our students that the community cares about them and the education they receive. It is time to save our school and make it the best it can be.  

It is time, as our bond theme states, WE need to “Save our School.”