St. of the Wk

For the week of April 3, Newberry Elementary would like to honor our Student of the Week, Kadie Burton!  Kadie is  a third grade student in Mrs. Puckett’s and Mrs. McFadden’s classrooms.  She is the daughter of Brandon and Jenny Burton and the granddaughter of our own Cossondra George. Kadie is a natural born leader.  She is always aware of the needs of those around her and jumps in to help out whenever and wherever she can. She is kind, caring, and compassionate to her classmates and teachers. She regularly puts into practice PRIDE expectations, and she proudly  exemplifies what it means to be an upstanding member of our school community. Kadie is active in sports, which is one of her favorite pastimes.  She loves spending time with her family and friends.  Mrs. McFadden feels honored to be able to announce Kadie as our Student of the Week for this week!  Kadie, you are truly an exemplary student, representing the best of the best!