St. of the Wk

Rebecca Rahilly, daughter of Ben and Beth Rahilly, has been selected by Mrs. Evans as the Student of the Week. Becca displays all aspects of Tahquamenon Area Schools PRIDE expectations, every single day! Without fail, she comes to class prepared, is respectful to her peers & staff, is honest, determined, and engaged. Becca is a competitive athlete, busy with family and friends, and still completes her work with top notch effort, she always pushes herself to go above and beyond. Becca successfully completed the 40 Book Challenge and has found some genres that she really enjoys! In addition to being a hard worker, Becca is always happy and positive. She is helpful, kind, and encouraging to her classmates. Becca is an amazing leader. It has been a pure joy to have Becca in class this year. Becca, thank you for all of your hard work and determination this year. ~Mrs. Evans